24 April 2024

How many rc8 are there in India?

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The number of RC8s in India is still relatively scarce compared to the large number of RC helicopters and airplanes in use elsewhere in the world. Even with this, India has attracted many visitors to buy their choppers. Many of these enthusiasts buy their choppers from China, where production of the popular Chinese-made helicopters have been considerable. With time, more of these choppers will start appearing in parts of India too, as Chinese manufacturers realize the huge market potential of the Indian market.

The limited availability of Chinese-made choppers has prompted many fliers to search for them in far-off countries such as Madagascar and Thailand. These flyers find that these flying toys are quite affordable, and that it is easier to fly them than Chinese models. The local interest in these RC models leads to an exponential growth in their sale in India.

How many RC8s are there in India? This is a question often asked by enthusiastic radio flyer pilots who visit India. The answer is not all that clear, because of the low number of RC helicopters available locally. But as the craze for Chinese-made choppers grows in countries such as Thailand and Madagascar, there is a steady rise in the number of RC choppers for sale in India. With time, more models from these manufacturers will make their way to the Indian market.

What is the price of KTM rc8 in India?

The new version of the popular Multi-Action Speedboat, the KTM (Racing Motor) 8.5, which has been out of production since early 1990 is now available on Indian shores and is gaining popularity day by day. It is very interesting to note that when compared to the other Japanese sports bikes, the price of the KTM is comparatively lower. In the Indian market, a factory direct sale of this bike is very common. So, the price of KTM is much lower than what one could get it in the country. Though there are many other manufacturers of similar class of bikes, the price gap is very wide between these two.

The best part about the KTM is the fact that they are extremely durable and can be used for various types of road surfaces. Even though they are light in weight, the durability factor cannot be discounted. If you happen to own a KTM and have installed an aftermarket accessory on it, then, you can expect the lifetime of this machine to be a great deal more than what it is in the factory setting. However, the performance factor of these bikes is not all that good, so if you are looking for speed, then it would do you good to choose another bike. However, for those who want to take them on rural tracks and smooth surfaces, the performance of these machines is worth praising.

The main reason why a lot of people prefer to buy these bikes is that the aftermarket accessories like spares and pipes etc are readily available with them. So, you can be rest assured that even if you had to go in for a new motorbike, you would not be facing any shortage of spares. For the same reason, most of the KTM dealers and users prefer to sell their bikes through the internet rather than going to the physical location and haggling over the price. Thus, making this deal possible is a great advantage for the buyers.