16 July 2024

Are Benelli motorcycles good?

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The answer to that question is complicated since Benelli has been around for over a hundred years and is one of the most established Italian motorcycle brands in existence. While they do have a few bikes that stand up to today’s standards, their main bike line up is very diversified and is built on a variety of styles and models from cruiser bikes to choppers to fixed wheel street bikes. They are also famous for creating high performance racing bikes for the ultimate track experience. So, are Benelli motorcycles good? The short answer is yes, if you take your riding ability and style into consideration.

What makes a bike good? Good design, good engineering, and knowing what you’re looking for when buying a bike are all factors that go into making a bike good. When I got my first Benelli I knew that I wanted a bike that had an aggressive look that would give me a thrill every time I went on the road. I also knew that I wanted a bike that had the best performance capabilities so I could keep up with my friend’s bikes while racing at a local track. Since then I have had many different bikes but my favorites have always been those that have done what I was looking for while still keeping it comfortable to ride in.

Are Benelli motorcycles good? If you’re looking for an Italian bike that will give you a true Italian experience while at the same time giving you the performance that you need, then I say yes. Benelli is a great company with a solid history that just keeps getting better. These bikes are made for speed, adventure, and style. If you want a bike that will give you a hard time finding anything else in the class of performance, I recommend trying one of these models out. You won’t be disappointed.

Why KTM bikes are dangerous?

The KTM bikes manufactured by Hero Motocorp are so dangerous that they get their name from the great hero of the Indian film “Bollywood” starring Shimla Deewana. Since it is so, it is natural that the people riding these bikes are also called as KTM riders. But why are they dangerous to other riders?

These KTM bikes first came to India from China in the year 1990, when the two countries were undergoing profound political and economic reforms. When the economy of both the countries was getting better day by day, many Indian motorist started to buy cheap motorcycles. Most of these were either English made or Japanese motorcycles were imported to India. After the reform, all these cheap motorcycles were either stolen or destroyed during riots and other such unfortunate events. This left an awful taste in the mouth of many Indian riders, who wanted to ride these high-end motorbikes but could not because they were either stolen or destroyed.

Since most of the cheap motorbikes available at that time had not met with any kind of maintenance and weren’t even covered by a proper warranty, the middle class of India couldn’t afford them. However, the new and upcoming middle-class riders of India started to realize the importance of owning a bike and started driving them. As a result, the Indian biker scene changed overnight. Many of these bikes were either imported from China or converted from Japanese bikes. The reason why KTM bikes are dangerous is that they are so expensive, they are imported from China or from Japan and they lack a proper warranty and do not enjoy any kind of valid warranty in case of accidents.

Are Indian Motorcycles 100% American made?

Many people ask me this question that are Indian motorcyclists really “American Made?” I always tell them that the label is not written in stone. I would not call any bike from India “amps” or “sports bikes” as an expression of their status, but rather, it’s just a label that has been given to them by the masses – most of them do not know anything about how they were actually made, let alone the process. Of course, there are exceptions. There are some Indian manufacturers who have taken it upon themselves to make and deliver the American “Made” bike to their fellow Americans. These bikes are not just built with pride, but because their owners believe that it is right.

Now, if we are to talk about “made in USA” versus “made in India”, there is much less of a discussion to have. For one thing, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between an American motorcycle made in Columbus, MS and one made in India. The seating and other features are almost identical (apart from the odd leather), and the engine is pretty much the same between the two. It may be noted that the seating of an American motorcycle has become progressively more ergonomic over the past few decades. However, that doesn’t mean that “made in USA” doesn’t apply to motorbikes any longer…

If you’re looking at a bike and wondering are Indian motorcyclists really “American made”, that’s a good way of thinking. I’ll admit, when I bought my first Indian “amps” years ago, I really thought that all that I had gotten was a high-end foreign motorcycle that was built by people who wouldn’t have known a lick about motorcycle making. I was completely wrong! Today, you can pick up an Indian “amps” for a song and in good condition – as most are covered with factory warranties. Today’s Indian motorbike accessories are made to last!